Guest Editorials-Thematic Series & Special Issues

N. Karamanos

1. Special Issue (N. Karamanos, guest editor): Matrix Modeling & Remodeling, Matrix Biology (2019)
2. Biology of Extracellular Matrix, International editions of book series (Series Editor, 2018-present), Elsevier
3. Special Issue (N. Karamanos, guest editor): Matrix-mediated cell behavior and properties, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-General Subject (2014)
4. MiniReview Series (N. Karamanos and A. Passi, coordinators): Novel insights into matrix pathobiology regulatory mechanisms in health and disease , FEBS J, 2014
5. Special Isuue (N. Karamanos and R. Linhardt, coordinators): Proteoglycans signaling, targeting and therapeutics, FEBS J (2013) 280 (10), 2119–2534
6. International Book Edition: Extracellular Matrix: Pathobiology and Signaling (Nikos Karamanos Editor), ISBN 978-3-11-025876-9 (2012), Walter DeGruyter, Berlin/Boston
7. MiniReview Series (V. Hascall and N. Karamanos, coordinators): Regulatory roles of hyaluronan in health and disease, FEBS J, Vol. 278(9) (2011)
8. MiniReview Series (H. Nagase and N. Karamanos, coordinators): Metalloproteinases in Health and Disease: challenges and the future prospects, FEBS J, Vol. 278(1) (2011)
9. MiniReview Series (R. Iozzo and N. Karamanos, coordinators): Proteoglycans in Health and Disease: emerging concepts and future directions, FEBS J, Vol. 277 (2010)
10. Special issue: Matrix Pathobiology, Signaling and Molecular Targets, Conn. Tissue Res. (2008) Vol. 49, issues 2 & 3.
11. Special issue: Solid phase assays for molecules with biopharmaceutical importance, J. Pharm. Biomed. Analysis, Elsevier, Vol. 34 (2004).
12. Special issue: CE of carbohydrates (Analysis of carbohydrate macromolecules by capillary electrophoresis: glycoproteins, proteogycans/glycosaminoglycans and glycolipids), Biomedical Chromatography, Wiley Interscience, Vol. 16 (2002).


S. Skandalis

Special Issue (Lead Guest Editor: Spyros Skandalis; Guest Editors: Katalin Dobra, Martin Gotte, Eugenia Karousou, Suniti Misra): Impact of Extracellular Matrix on Cellular Behavior: A Source of Molecular Targets in Disease, Biomed Research International ( (2015).

A. Theocharis


D. Vynios


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